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Our Wedding Offerings

Wedding Planning

"Where do we put the food? How big is the tent?? What DJ setup should we go with???"

Okay, calm down. We've got this! Just ask for planning help! We do everything from basic "will it fit?" layouts to full-blown wedding planning. Whatever you need, we can help make it happen. Reach out for a quote!

Hyperballistic Productions Pride Wedding Ceremony Service Videography 4K Photography Wedding

Ceremony Services

Need speakers and microphones for your ceremony? We can do that.

Looking for a multi-camera 4K recording to remember your special day with fidelity for years to come? We can do that too!

Are you trying to find a wedding service that can...

-I'll stop you right there. We can do it! However you want your special day to be remembered is what we can offer. Give us your wildest ideas and we will make it happen!

DJ Services

Give us a list of your must hear songs, preferred genres, and DO NOT PLAYS! We are careful with our musical selection to best cater to your tastes. No matter the mixing style, song selection, or crowd, we guarantee to do it best! If you are unsure, reach out for a mixtape! We will be sure to have you dancing in no time!

Hyperballistic Productions Moving Head Beams Blue Pink Large Air Effects Wedding DJ

Lighting Options

It can be difficult to understand lighting systems, especially when you are only hiring once for a wedding. So, we are here to make it simple: we use the same lights you would see at large music festivals. Animation lasers, intelligent moving head lights, wash lighting, RGB bars, endless uplighting fixtures, etc.

Looking for video/camera lighting? We have options you would find from a film studio!

Whatever you need to light up your special day, we are sure to do it up right!

Sound Systems

We have lots of flexibility in regards to filling small to large rooms with high quality sound. With top of the line speaker offerings from QSC and Electro-Voice and tuning with Driverack, we can provide and tune the right system to your reception venue every time.

If you are looking to hire a band, please reach out! We can provide top notch sound and lighting systems for live bands.

Hyperballistic Productions QSC Stacks Wedding DJ Trees Uplighting Live Sound Speakers Band
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